How can I make my sensorless motor sensor?

Hi. I say how some people turned there sensorless motors into sensore. Can someone please help me to do the same. I’m building an electric mountainboard and I want to be able to take off from 0mph.

Alienpowersystem sells sensors

You will be able to take of at 0 speed without sensors, without a problem. If you got powerful motors and dual drive you will feel very little difference. You will however feel a big difference when taking of from a standstill on a hill. You could add hall effect sensors to the motor or an encoder but the work needed for doing so is not worth it imo. I would just buy another pair of motors if the sensors are a big concern.

Thankyou. My mine is now set on getting alien power sensors. Do you know weather it’s going to be easy or hard to install?

no clue. if you can solder you should be able to make it^^