How Can I Repaint my Motor Shell?

Dear viewers, I really, really, REALLY messed up and need some advice… A while ago (first test ride of my first board) I was using a cheap mount and it came loose and started dragging. The dragging bumped up my Ollin OM5065 motor and put a lot of sharp ugly scratches on it. Basically what I did was put sand paper over it and spun the motor so I can repaint it.

Any idea’s on how I could repaint it? I have two ideas in mind.

I can get this stuff (Like carbon fiber vinyl wrap, but a glossy black wrap)

Or I could send it into @chaka if he approves and pay to get it redone.

Disassemble the motor, remove the can, prime and paint. I would suggest a high temp epoxy, something for an engine block would be perfect. Or you could just slap some vinyl on it.


I feel like slapping vinyl would be easier but probably look like shit…

It’ll look fine for a bit, but vinyl wont stand up to road trash as well as paint will. Honestly, I would just ride it. You will likely upgrade to a 63mm motor before its over anyways.


I’d leave it. Brushed metal look

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Looks good to me! Painting it or covering with vinyl won’t last long and probably will look worse in the end. It would also reduce the heat transfer

Mine is way more scratched up. Road debris ends up “sand blasting” your motor anyway


I used brake caliper paint works the best but make sure to only get the outside and sand the bell beforehand.

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