How can I ship a Space Cell Pro4?

I’m finally getting around to shipping my battery to @barajabali for repair, but I don’t know where to go to ship it.

I tried going to my local UPS store, but they said they wouldn’t ship a battery that big, even through ground.

Isn’t the SP4 360wh?

Also, a note, a woman behind the counter just looked at how big the box was and said no.


UPS can take the battery if the battery is under 300 WH. That is their written rule. You just have to inform the rep, and ship via ground. fill out a couple forms no big deal.

You can call the hazmat dept. and they will have to take it.

You have to go to a UPS customer service center, not a UPS store.

That’s what I was planning on doing after they told me that.

@lilracerboi Your obviously only shipping within State of US. How about shipping from one country to another.

I just sent a spaceell via ground service in Aus no issue, but suspect it eould be an issue if by air… Was going to try by sea but that would take ages.

Got it sent. Went to the UPS customer center and it wasn’t an issue at all.