How can you tell what size bullet connectors?

Hi, I have the hub motors from Alextech (I know) and I have had one vesc catch fire, replaced it with a new one and it seems to be DOA or possibly a different issue. I want to replace all the bullet connectors because I don’t believe they work properly. I’ve resoldered them all as a precaution because some disconnected while unplugging but can’t waste another $100+ on a vesc. I want to make sure that wasn’t the issue that caused the fire. I’ve bought bullet connectors before but they were definitely not the right size, kind of hard to tell by the picture. Any way to properly tell so I can order some?

Measure them with calipers or compare them to ones you know the size of. If you post pics we might be able to tell.

4mm plugs aka banana plugs

Thank you very much

dont know if this is correct, but i hear its best to match the bullet connections that come on the vesc, as heat can destroy them when soldering? just want to make sure you dont burn through anymore parts, like Im always doing =)

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if your going to change out your connectors, it would be a good idea to change those banana connectors because they have a tendency to get loose. I had them on my old hub motors and they where constantly backing out.

It’s likely that the vescs come with 5.5mm bullets.

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Thanks. They were having issues so that would be a good idea