How common is FOC destroying VESCs?

I’m trying to decide whether to setup in FOC or BLDC.

I’ve read a handful of posts on here saying FOC was destroying their vescs and I don’t have the money to buy another pair of ESCapes if that happens.

FOC seems much more appealing to me for the torque and I don’t need the extra top end mph.

Also, if I follow one of these two videos should I be okay?

12s4p with 6374 190kv motors

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If you are using escape vesc, i say FOC all the way… I run my Escapes in FOC mode without problems, on a MTB.

HW6 is much better equipped to handle FOC than HW4. Your ESCape should have little issue running FOC as long as you don’t push it beyond it’s limits. The ESCape is essentially a direct copy of the VESC6 where it counts (power hardware) so go off those limits.