How connect Focbox Unity to Arduino by UART?

Hi forum!

I was trying to connect the focbox unity to the arduino by uart. I wanna control the light and breaklight when the esk8 is breaking.

I check two libraries, but I can not connect to the focbox correctly.

Please, has anyone managed to connect the controller with arduino?

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I think the Unity is the problem, they changed the original VESC Firmware quite a bit which might break compatibility with those libraries. Actually I did the same thing yesterday :smiley: https://forum./t/grunstern-mov-e-shortboard-12s3p-nese-hummie-hubs-hammock-baseplates/2409/153 But with a FSESC 6.6 dual which is a “classic” VESC.


I will try your code this afternoon, but if is a classic VESC, I think that the problem will persist. I found another library for Focbox. I will try it too.


I can’t undestand that if they modify the firmware of vesc, dont create a library or something to use the UART port. I think that without that this port in a little bit unuseful.

What is then its purpose? Only bluetooth controller?

Mhh, Stefans version is a fork of solidgeeks library where the PPM stuff is missing, but it should be easily doable to apply Stefans changes to @Pimousse fork :smiley: I have no unity and therefore no need :wink: When you do please share it again so someone can easily do this in the future. Its quite easy with the normal VESC.


I was looking the structure of received data…

If I succeed, of course, I will publish the git.