How did I reach 26km/h on flat on my board?

Ok that’s the question… how did I reach 26km/h on flat on my board? Here’s the important numbers:

6S lipo 192Kv 14T motor pulley 30T wheel pulley 63mm wheels 110kg rider

The esk8 calculator shows a maximum theoretical top speed of 23.62km/h. Is there anything that could make that calculation inaccurate other than going downhill?

The calculator calculates 6s as 22.2v which is nominal and lover than fully charged 25.2v, the efficiency should be set to 93 %, i dont know why is it so low as default. Enter 7s battery to get a speed calculation on your full battery. Then you get 25.63 km/h


Oh truuuue I’m an idiot, I forgot about the calculation’s voltage! Thanks, that makes perfect sense now because I was on full charge! :smiley:

Happens to the best of us :wink: