How do build a Wii nunchuck remote?

I’ve seen a few that have been self made, I think @jacobbloy 's channel and he had one that he was able to program himself. But I’m looking at controller options, I want a wireless bluetooth whatever it is, and the Wii one seems to look the best, really not into the RC car controllers. I was wondering can I just buy a normal Wii nunchuck from the shops, and just modify it, put a chip in it or something. And how much will it cost?

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You could do something like this

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At the end

A friend of mine gave me a wii nunchuck and after removing most of the plastic and circuit board inside the nunchuck I managed to fit in a 1s tiny lipo (~300mah, which is ridiculously too much, I haven’t been charging the remote for a month now and still got juice!), an atmega328 which I’ve programmed and an nrf24l01. This implies the need for another atmega or arduino like board as well as another nrf24l01 in the skateboard. I’ve been riding this setup for a few months and it seems very reliable. Tell me if you’re interested in doing what I did, I would be very happy to help you

(We can’t see the nrf24l01 on the pictures)


Looks great. The parts needed won’t take up a lot of space on the board right? Including the cost of a nunchuck how much is the build of this.

No, it doesn’t take much space on the board at all. Without the nunchuck and the small lipo in the nunchuck (which I’m sure you can buy for very cheap) I’d say it costed me less than 10€ Let’s add 10€ for the lipo and small bms for it and you’re done for 20€ -> cheapest controller ever (it still needs quite a bit of time to build it) I don’t know how much is a nunchuck if you ain’t got one already but its gotta be cheap

Alright cool. Probably anywhere from $10-$20 where I’m from. Could you tell me how you did this?

Yeah of course Just give me a little bit of time so I can write a good post with pictures, the code for the controllers, the wiring and links to the different parts :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it :blush:. It’s 2am for me now so I gotta sleep, but I’ll check first thing in the morning.

Would try it aswell with a good guide !

Hey @Paulf, which code do you use? Is it your own or someones from E-S forum maybe? I’d like to build similar remote (preferably with Rolinggeckos code, cause it’s UART has cruise control, reverse, led indikators for remote & board battery, and an oled wich i would skip). But I really could need some help also.

A good guide would be a great tribute to the community!

I had the same question, does your nunchunk also feature the cruisecontrol function? And maybe other functions?

The code is mine, it has cruise control Atmegas/arduinos does support uart so, I think that I can easily tweak the code in order to make it uart compatible However my remote ain’t got all the other features (battery LEDs and screen) (The remote battery is more than big enough so that i never have to worry about and I mounted a led on the top of my board which I can always see while riding and which blinks according to the boards battery level ) By the way, have you got a link to the remote/code you’re talking about? Seems interesting I’m happy to help you with all the electronics/code questions you have

My remote features cruise control and I can also change the color of the led strips under my board with one button on the remote

Ok guys, I’m definitely doing a detailed guide soon! but please give me a bit of time cause I got a lot of exams to prepare these days :confused: Hope you understand

Rollonggecko github link in the first post there. Required Vesc code for this project is already merged into VESC firmware!

Hi @Paulf. Would please you do a turtorial on this please?

He Paul! I Just ordered All the parts you Lister above here and I want to try to build this controller. But could you post a link too your code. Or tot a tutorial. Code would be good enough I love to experiment with my projects and learn while doing but only if I get it eventually.

I’m sorry guys I really can’t find the time to do a proper tutorial now but my code is always up to date here I’ve been making another of these remotes not long ago, it works well

The code you wanna check is esk8_v2_remote for the remote and esk8_v2_sensitive for the remote Although I don’t have the time to write a full tutorial, I would be very happy to help you whenever you have a doubt or a question


NO worries! Thanks for the code tho! Its atleast something. If you ever get the time do the tutorial let is know. Thanks man!

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