How do I disassemble this motor?

Hi Forum! I was wondering how I could disassemble the outrunner motors I have. The caps on the motors can not spin freely at the moment. The motor caps seem like they were slightly damaged and the rotors inside of them are slightly exposed now. I am wondering how I can disassemble them, so that I could fix them.

Remove the outer c-clip, loosen the set screws and pull off the motor pulley. You’ll probably find another circlip on the shaft (next to the can) that you need to remove as well. Might be a washer beneath the circlip. Pull the can and, voíla, your motor is disassembled.

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Can I put everything back together after removing the c-clip? I mean, without having to buy any new parts?

Normally yes. But be careful those small c clips are fragile.

first step done, but the screws wont move at all. do you think they might be glued?

Could be secured with thread locker. Some heat gun on the screws might help.

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