How do I disconnect these connectors on my ESC?

Hi, I am replacing a faulty ESC from my diyeboard kit with a fresh new one, but cant seem to figure out how to disconnect the wires. Having no datasheet I don’t know the name of these connectors, so if someone knows the name or just simply how to disconnect them, please send me a reply!

Pictures of connectors below 20180825_10355120180825_103602

Gently pull at the cables or (better) use a fine plier and pull it at the plastic part the cable come out (aka plug). Its not that difficult :slight_smile:

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Does this apply for both of the types? I just don’t want to break them as I am having this ESC as a backup :slight_smile:

yes. I’m not sure about the the one with the two cables but in the worst case you’ll have to lift the fixating plastic a little. The others are no problem, its the same as in the ESC I had.

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Did it now, worked perfectly, thank you!