How do I get the sensors to work on the mepo hubs on vesc x?

Hay I have some mepo hubs that were donated to me and the vesc doesn’t detect the sensors anyone know how to get it to work? Is it wired wrong for the Chinese hubs? Also foc does not work on these hubs, has anyone got that to work? Been at it a while so any opinion would help. I’m using a vesc x

Don’t follow the order for the wire that is written on the Focbox Case, Follow the one on the pcb :wink:

Oh ok wow why the heck would they write the wrong info on there. But Idk whats up with the foc on these hubs detects just fine but when I use the remote it just makes a loud buzing sound.

Printing Error… or that sticker was design by drunk @onloop :man_shrugging:


This is the ones I’m talking about. Bldc senorless works fine sensored doesn’t work and foc is not working.

Hummm, I’ve done it once without any issue. Are they using the same connector as the Focbox?

Maybe if you can post some picture, it will easier to figure it out.

If it can help I did it buy the sensor detection wasn’t always work so I ended it up use them sersorless. Anyhow here you find the motor wires order. Yuu need to combine it with the one on the VESC. Only 5v and ground matter, temperature wire is not present live it empty. The rest are the sensor wires.