How do I start assembly?

I have all my parts, not sure where to actually start building, never done one before. I was just going to copy a youtube video?

Are there any step by step by guides on the forum?

I was going to attack trucks assemble motor mount (not sure all the steps for doing this) line up everything else for enclosure assembly waterproof bms / vesc

install battery and connect everything and drill in enclosure

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My advice: look for other people builds. They usually put all the steps and pics


I feel your pain so much. I accumulated so many parts and I legit had nervous shakes when going to assemble everything.

Tell me about your setup


I dont take any particular order i just do what i can with the time i have for the day. Id say start simple with the deck trucks and motors and pullies then do the electeonics.

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Battery, enclosure, deck, trucks, wires, ESCs, motor mounts, motors & mechanicals, wheels, remote, programming, test ride, disassembly, water sealing, loctite

Always look 3 steps ahead of where you currently are


:slight_smile: 6374 single motor caliber 2 trucks 100mm flywheel clones all the parts for a drive train bms acryllic for waterproofing kydex sheet for enclosure and stuff to make the battery, which I will deal with later I want to assemble the mechanical parts first

Which screws do you use loctite on

All of them that don’t have nyloc nuts. Every one. Including the grub screws on the motor pullies and everything. But only after a test ride. And stop multiple times during the ride to make sure bolts aren’t backing-out.


Set up your mechanical parts to where you can stand on the board with wheels to note where possible bite might occur. Lay electronics out and make sure you’re set on everything before finalizing connections and enclosure

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which bolts am I worried about

You literally use loctite on every bolt that doesn’t have a nyloc nut. If you show me a photo of a certain bolt, I can answer more in-depth.


thank you, I appreciate it, it is very overwhelming. Im looking at a motor and mount trying to guess where everything goes

single motor usually front wheel drive is best right? and people put the motor on their on dominant side?

I would put a single motor on the rear heelside.

Whys that?

Do you mind if I post pics and ask if it looks okay?

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Loosely attaching mount to motor

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Yes but I’m going to bar trivia so my answers will be staggered and more drunk each time. You’ve been warned



Are my trucks too high? How does the motor sit on the board?

Ask @longhairedboy. Hes got his builds down to perfection now. image