How do you calculate turn radius of your e-board?

Hi there - I’ve been wondering about this for a while - how do you exactly and precisely can measure turn radius to later compare it with other builds / boards? I think mine is quite ‘‘big’’ now… Board / trucks are not the softest, it is relatively hard to make any sharp turns whatsoever… unless you do a jump ha ha :smiley: only done that without electrical force or by standing still…

Just put the board on the ground, make it turn 180 degrees. Measure distance between start and end, divide by two. Thats your turning radius.

You can calculate this quite easily before even doing the build, depends on wheelbase, truck width and truck angle. I would do the math for you if I wasnt preparing for exams, Speaking of which, I need to close this window :smiley:

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it also depens on how much you can push it down to the side, depending on your weight and how tight (or which) bushings are (or you use). Wheelsize. Something else?

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How does this influence the turning? Does it make the wheels / turning mechanisms somewhat ‘‘limited’’ ?


So - in order to measure it - i need to do this, right? —>

Take / or mark the spot where the left wheel is located (front one, for example), then make the board turn 180 degrees to the left, while im on the board… (so that my weight is included)… then after I have made this 180 turn, I again take / mark the point where the front left wheel is located… then I measure the distance between the two points and divide by two…

is the logic (of mine) correct here?

Quite a good point! I’ve got 9inch pneumatics on mine! :smiley:

Though, they are somewhat ‘‘concave shape’’,… like a bicycle tire, so I assume that ‘‘reduces’’ the effective - max radius of the tire and the ‘‘turning surface’’ is somewhat 0.2’ less or so…

no you have to mark the middle of the turning object, then turn till 180° and messure the distance - middle to middle


Hah - we need a calculator for this! I assume there would be others like me - who would like to find out the turning radius before buying / building the eboard!

Longboards with whatever bushings they have and the smaller wheels (90mm ones) do turn quite a lot more than my board… though, I do have 9inch wheel skate truck mountainboard with black ‘‘dampas’’, if that’s how they are called…

seems like there’s too many variables on this one.

I think speed might also be a factor.

just start with the right and end with the left wheel - gives you the effective midpoint but is easier to measure :wink:

Just keep in mind the basics. The shorter the wheelbase and looser your trucks, the tighter the turning radius. There are tons of other factors from truck angles to deck shapes, but a lot also depends on how you ride.