How do you fasten your XT90 Plug in your Case (i.e for loop key)

Big dab of hotglue directly to the board. This is pure lazieness though, I wanted to do a metal plate with bolts, but this is working for now.

Here is how I did it - hot glued the female part to the deck on the cable that runs from the battery to VESC - so that I did not need to cut any holes in the enclosure:

This is pretty solid, and it works fine.

But I want to do a more professionally looking job in my next build. I want to mount the male part of XT90 deeper in the enclosure, so that the key is flash with the side of the enclosure when it is plugged in. I see that in many builds the loop key sticks out of the enclosure when it is plugged in. It would look nicer if it can be plugged in deeper. Also this way the exposed male contacts of XT90 will be very deep inside the enclosure, which will make me less worried about them.

Has anybody figured out a way to do it?

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@sash check this link out:

On AliExpress you can buy all kinds of XT90 mount variants, like this one: