How do you film your rides

I know a lot of you guys film your rides. How do you guys do it I am figuring most of you use a GoPro. But how do you attach it? Selfie stick or a 3D printed mount. I’m looking at getting one and just seeing if it is really worth it and what to get. I went to school for media design so I would probably do a bunch of editing/adding music track.

karma grip maybe stabilized? i have one but don’t want to risk damaging it in a fall.

or just get a GoPro stick and use gopro built-in stabilization

GoPro Session 4 mounted on my front trucks.

I just mount my phone to my helmet using one of those car dashboard cellphone mounts. Pretty janky and takes shitty videos.

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worst case senora, phone falls in front of the board at 26 mph shatters the phone to pieces, than makes the board go insane and you fall and damage your board

so basically you come out with a damaged phone, a damaged ego, a damaged body, and a damaged board (grip tape and deck)


If you start reading the video thread, there is a big discussion which gear to use

I personally use my GoPro6 for now. Not a big fan of the helmet mount. I just try to find different positions for different views. Just get creative where you can stick/tape your GoPro on. To record your own I use a long selfistick like this On this you can attach a tripod too, so it’s easy to place it somewhere and record from it while driving around.

Insta360 OneX.

Don’t need to bother to point it. Just hold it out when you skate.

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This looks so cool :):smiley:

If it’s in your budget, I would highly recommend getting a 3 axis gimbal to keep your video smooth and level.

I shot this video with a GoPro on a tripod for the opening scene and then with a gimbal on a selfie stick for the remainder of the video.

This is the gimbal I used with my GoPro sessions: It can mount on a tripod or selfie stick or chest mount or helmet mount.


Goprohero7 has image stabilization in it. Not as good as a gimbal but works great for esk8. It attaches to your helmet via goprohelmet mount

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To add one more thing… I just got a dji osmo pocket for new year present. Will get a GoPro mount for it. Should get some nice stuff out of it.

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At the moment, i’m using Insta 360 One X, stable enough without gimbal.

I also have a link if anyone interested for free invisible selfie stick:


I still think it looks silly holding on to god’s hand.

What does it look like when you can see them?

I made some videos of me riding my electric longboard… Had I had a lot of fun doing them but for the kind of videos I make it take to much time and work until I’m satisfied. I edit dozens and dozens of scenes, almost frame by frame until I’m happy and usually I’m not.

Sometimes I make two or three passages holding the camera in different ways at the same places and use them like I was filming with multi cameras. One time I also had a bicycle following me to get some different angles.

I’m still editing a video with the scenes I recorded 18 months ago. :slight_smile:

You can get some ideas here:

For now selfie stick and GoPro Hero (the first one from 10 yeas ago I think, still going strong)

I’m thinking on how to attach it to the board but in a way that it also show the board and motors

It’s simple drive 100kmh in the city and wait till a news station reports it. (if police chase you the news stations might come quicker)

And then you’ll be able to cherry pick the shots you like from articles either from jail or the hospital or…


Attach it to your leg not to the board. Sounds strange but that’s the best angle for it. On the belt would work probably too.

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I just got a new hero 7 black. I’ve been using my helmet mount and the el grande.

Only problem with the el grande…its a beefy selfie stick, its got some weight to it compared to other ones I used. I was riding the other day and the wind was kicking up pretty fast. Holding that stick out threw me off balance a bit.

The helmet cam is great but every time you check for traffic or look around it throws the video off IMO. So I’m working on a mount for my older gopro so I can splice in seamlessly

Get the Yi Action Cam 4k waterproofcase mounting brackets for your helmet.

The wide angle lens is amazing for getting footage as you go as good as a gopro version 4,5,6(not the newest one) but a quarter of the cost, really nice app interface to use with a phone too.

Very cool! Where is the camera in that video?