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How Do You Handle the Spark?

I just received the a few XT90-S Anti-Spark Connectors I ordered from Hobbyking. Has anyone had experience with these? I’ve tried the resister method, but the resistor lead broke off after repeated use. Most likely my fault on how I put the thing together. I’ve also seen the Anti-Spark Power Switch over at , but at 60 bucks it’s too pricey IMO. BTW I’m running 2 4s lipos in series, so 8s.

You can make a loop key with the XT90 plugs. That always works too. Use the anti-spark ones.

@onloop was good enough to introduce me to battery arming switches, which I’m planning to use in my upcoming build (where I’m using deans connectors throughout). Here’s an example of what they look like @claudiofiore88

The loop key is essentially the same as the arming switch. Except you build it yourself :slight_smile:

Nice Arming Switch though. Looks like no resistor so you’ll still get the spark and over time 200-400 on/off plugs it will damage the connector. You can fix it and replace it though.

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They have one w/ a momentary button to suppress the spark:

Nice little setup if you are already set on Deans plugs (nice connectors i’ve used for years). I’m personally planning on doing one w/ the newer anti-spark XT-90. I’m using them now inline, but not as a loop. They work great!

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thanks @sl33py ! I’m going to give this one a try, will report back!

It’s been on my “to-do” list for a while. Was soldering up my eagletree for the new build this weekend, and decided it was time to knock it out.

Great weekend in the garage (cleaning up workspace and fiddling)!

Here’s my addition to the upcoming board - XT-90 Anti-Spark loop key:


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