How do you stick your enclosures insides to the deck so the enclosure just protects them?

what do you use to hold your electrics and stuff to the deck if using foam on the deck for anti vibration ?

If you’re using plastic enclosures

Build onto the deck with dual lock Velcro

If you’re using fiberglass or composite enclosures

build into the enclosure, I typically silicone things in.

or do the best of both worlds, silicone to the deck.

wont have the deck or enclosure long tho as iv a hyperbest coming… hmmm

I use 2 layers 3m dual stick foam tape, you get best of both worlds

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My decks wood. my encounters wood so I glued them together then also used 4 L-brackets for extra strength. I then screwed my esc down and use straps for the LiPos.

i use this, one side on the components, then the other on the deck

then use foam between components and enclosure to keep stuff from vibrating