How do you think about the off road electric skateboard of Yecoo GTS

I recently saw a video from vlogger Fabi on youtube: [] Actully, I like his video, and I have been riding a lot of skateboards in his video. The Yecoo GTS off road board that he recommended a few days ago is so cool. So I went to Yecoo’s official website ([]) to find out more about the GTS as follow.

  • Wheel:

6-inch airless off road wheel.

83mm high elastic PU street wheel

(Yecoo offers two both of this two wheel, and it can be change in the off road wheel and street wheel easily)

  • Battery:

Samsung battery, 10S3P 36V

(for my personal opinion, Samsung battery is the best battery on the market, and the 36V of the Voltage can provide a strong power)

  • Motor

Brushless Motor: Dual Belt Drive Motor

Rated Power: Dual 1000 Watts

That is the information which is most important for a electric skateboard in my mind.


Compared to most similar DIY boards, the battery is smaller and maybe the motors too. The airless tires also have a tendency to fly off the hub at high speed due to centrifugal forces. Not too shabby for a sub- $1000 board, although I’d love to see the exact battery cell used, because the favorite (30Q) is only 3Ah so a 3P pack would give 9Ah, and I’m curious to know what cell they used for the 10.5Ah pack. Probably the 35E, which is only good for 8A each compared to 20A each for 30Q.

All in all if I were to buy it, I’d probably end up replacing the battery and ESC, and then the motors later as a further upgrade.


Much fast. So much like. Rain can in the outside be ridden, for today you think?

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It could have been that they are using 40t 20700 cells

No, because then it would be 12Ah, not 10.5

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What about the 30t isn’t that 3.5ah

Thats just a re-branded diyeboard with better batteries…

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No, 30T is 3Ah. It’s in the name - 30T, 3.0 Ah. 40T, 4.0Ah. 35E, 3.5Ah.


I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never made that connection


Here’s something else to blow your mind: The letter approximately tells you how much discharge they will handle - Anything with an R is rated by samsung for 20A - 20R, 25R. One letter earlier, Q is rated for 15A. T is 35A, which is understandable because T is after R. E is Way down the scale, which is how I know from a glance that a 35E is a crap cell for high-discharge applications.


My next question answered for me! Not as intuitive but still good to know.

Yeah, it’s not perfectly linear as far as I can tell. I’m sure there are some cells they make that don’t follow that convention, and other manufacturers have their own systems, but for the common Samsing EV cells it’s a nice trick.

This board has been upgraded recently, I have a new one of it. The battery capacity is enlarged to 9.0Ah with Samsung 30Q battery. The solid wheels is insane, it’s so tough and flexy.

In my opinion, this board has their advantages. The Big wheels is satisfited for me. It looks more vibration damping than common wheels on market.

You should send me one to review