How do you use Battery Capacity Tester?

I have purchaced this tester to see what my percentage of my batteries are but I am not quite sure how to use it. Is there anyone here that can explain to me?

There’s a button on the back. Hold it while off, keep holding until you turn it on. Release, keep clicking until you see “c”+[however many series you have]

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Thank you so much! Two more questions, is it normal for it to flicker from one percentage to another ie back and forth from 56-57%? Also I know you arent supposed to go to exactly 0% on the Tester, I have two 5A batteries in series. What is recommended for me to charge them at?

Standard is 1C but you can go higher than that check your batteries sheet

Percentage can flicker when there is regen from braking going to your batteries :wink:

And I don’t know how this device works but if it measures voltage, there is spikes/drops (voltage sag) during your rides so voltage can vary that way (drop then back to normal)

You should charge the batteries at 1c, so 5amps. As for the meter flicking it’s fine the voltage is probably right in between 56 and 57%

I never liked those things. I use voltmeters instead. Volts don’t lie.