How do you wire all these balance wires?

So I’ve been looking all over the place on here and cannot find a single person with the same battery setup. (4x3s batteries in series(12s)) I’m confused on how to wire it because there’s 4 balance wires on each battery (4x4=16 balance wires) that have to be plugged into 12 wires from the bms. I know that b1 starts at the primary negative battery and b12 ends at the primary positive but that’s it… please help me. 1541637310529233468156

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For what i see You have to use balance changer with this battery No bms

Not true. I run 6x 2s1 lipos and charge them in a 6s config. That’s 3 2s1 lipos in series in one charge. Ive also got a 10s that’s 2 5s1 and it was ran through bms.

Search the “beautiful wiring diagrams” thread. You’ll find what youre looking for. You could also ask @Namasaki. He’s the one that helped me with mine.

Also, the way you have your lipos wired looks like they are all in parellel and not series.

The bulk of the information you are looking for is contained here.

Humm very interesting I have to look more at this lipo battery

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It’s not pretty but I drew a diagram for you. Hopefully you can make sense of it.IMG_1389


Nah they’re series connectors and the primary connector is 44.4v

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Wow thanks! I’ve seen so many 12s bms diagrams but not with 4 3s batteries. This is exactly what I needed.

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1541801237443837341574 Is this the correct wiring? I don’t want to plug it in and blow it up. I haven’t put the charge port in yet. The primary positive will have to be branched off to the positive of the charge port right? And the negative of the charge port to the c-?

Looks wrong. All the BMS I’ve used don’t have any contact for the positive leads. Just negative. What solder pad is that on the right side of the BMS that the wire is soldered to?

It looks like the one on the right is the negative load output

The wire soldered to the load output is your positive load wire and should go to the ESC.

The primary positive will need to be branched to the positive charge port, and the c- will go to your negative charge port. Remove the primary positive from the board or you will destroy it.

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It’s the p-. As far as I know ther are no positive wires connected to the bms

Also make sure that all your white wires are connected like the picture above. If you are unsure use a volt meter. Each successive wire will be 3.6-4.2 ish volts higher than the previous one

That big black wire is your positive for the battery pack. Remove it from the bms

15418032244241788593767 15418032645281978431134 15418036638171804427241 I think you are not seeing it correctly. The first two pictures show the female connectors that connect to another series connector to make 12s (4x3s.) The third picture is the last connector that will go to the esc and I have not yet wired the charge port into the red wire because I don’t have it yet. As far as I know a positive wires never touches the bms.

I see that now. You’re all good

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1541881165778257294527 So I wired everything the way I think it’s suppose to be wired and the esc doesn’t get any power. When I plug the charger into the c- and the primary positive, (the red wire with the cut in it) the esc turns on. I’m so confused as to why the charger is powering the esc because b-,p-, and c- are all wired correctly (as far as I know) anyone know why it’s not working? @Namasaki @Badgermilk

I’m assuming the balance wires are ordered correctly? I would connect the multi meter to the b- and check the balance wire to make sure all voltages go up by 3.6 - 4.2v

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