How does the parallel and series part work in a battery?

I don’t understand batteries, i have read the guides on the batteries but non of them actually tell me what having more batteries in parallel or what more batteries in series actually does. What is the difference between 12S4P or 4S12P.

Could someone explain this to me please, or lead me to a post that tells me this. (I may be blind)


More cells in series equals more speed (because the speed of the motor is influenced by the volts kV) More cells in parallel equals more range (battery can travel more miles/kilometers on one charge) you are welcome :wink:

There is also a noob question thread where you can ask these questions without having to start a whole new thread, maybe useful

Ah ok thank you, would you be able to link me this thread please. Thanks

That’s not true. What matters is the energy in your pack and that is the same if you have 1S10P or 10S1P. Efficiency might be affected but that is only a slight difference between the two settings. More cells in parallel simply increases the current capabilities and reduces voltage sag plus it is not as taxing on your cells.

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haha touche, you have so mcuh more knoweledge on it

Thanks for the better explaination

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But voltage sag is also reduced by increasing series count because it reduces current per watt. Long story short is that 6-12s is sufficiently efficient and you shouldn’t worry too much about it outside that range. Make sure you have enough cells in parallel to cover your current needs and enough in series to get your desired topspeed

You should go as high voltage as your ESC allows.