How fun is it to ride an offroad board?

20190319_114132 Rocking ats12 trucks to make a hybrid board (80% street, 20% off road) and find it a great mix. Still large, but I don’t have to worry about commute.


It’s not a question of compromising commute, it’s just the idea of being able to AT is nice

I’ll be riding on a street 85% of the time. I just worry about my enclosure as it’s full to the brim

I’m sort of in the same boat as you, when I started with a diyeboard kit. Now I’m working on a trampa 12s8p undermount(will probably top mount if I don’t like it when the cells degrade to new)kaly drive with dual 6374 190kv on 8” with a Hoyt puck. (have a mini etoxx gear as back up and plan on upgrading to helicals if I need to use them). Then I got impatient and started a tayto grocery store short board…

I’m just saying, there’s always something we have to get in this diy world we are in…

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My second board is a Spud… Are you me lmao

Agreed, but I can’t imagine what direction it’ll go in 🤷 I think the only reason for me to upgrade is if I end up breaking something lol

Are 6 inch pneumatics big enoigh for the majority of off road applications? Or are 8 inch significantly better?

I have a 6in board and a 8in board. If you mean flat packed dirt roads etc, 6in wil do fine. For gravel rocks and stuff 8in is the minimum. Don’t forget about clearance of your drive.

I thought the same as I got done, now thinking I might want a flexy dancer board, I miss my dervish…or do I want a jump board after watching rich, jens, and okp videos? I want them all


Don’t we all…

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Upgrading the above build to the kaly 2.0 Deck. I asked about jumping it and he said go 1 deck weight up from your recommended weight.

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rich is about to unleash a knowledge BOMB… Its been almost 20 minutes :rofl:


I wish I could like that post more than once :joy:


either hes finishing his manifesto or hes gone afk :joy:


Oh cr@p, we scared him away :rofl:


You guys are too funny, sorry this is no bomb or manifesto :rofl:. The gif upload didn’t work and just simple editing.

Riding offroad is the best thing ever, I’ll never forget my first surreal ride. Jumping is beyond words but also can hurt.


For commuting or AT I like bottom mount enclosure but for MTB top mount and bindings is a must IMO. It is priceless when you don’t have to worry about anything plus never have to step off the board within the whole ride. Nothing can stop you

That’s the bottom of my MTB (no dust just scratches), couldn’t imagine an enclosure there…

No space below the deck

Yes it’s expensive but a mountainboard is a very good reason to be totally broke :laughing:


Boooring… :wink:



Youre making me worry that my deck is too flexy… :rofl: I dont want to be bottoming out after every bump…

Im around 160lbs and I got the medium flex trampa… Should I change board before its too late :sob:

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What ply deck did you get?

35° HOLYPRO TRAMPA Carve Deck - Drilled, Edged, Fitted with JESSOP Grip tape & a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Countersunk Bolt kit

15ply 35o HOLYPRO Carve Deck - STIFF Golden Bronze Stickers

just copied off the invoice, 15ply stiff. It doesnt flex too much when i jump on it while its laying on the floor… but obviously that is going to be different when im riding it

Ill also have a double stack enclosure from eboosted, so even more undercarriage space is even more compromised :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s so boring even an Evo can do some light offroading


I honestly don’t know. Deck stiffness also depends very much on preference. I weigh 170-175lbs and have the 16ply electric deck. I have yet to decide whether I am happy with it or want a stiffer deck.

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