How good are the black Evolve flywheels?

I’m looking at wheel options, flywheels to be specific to fit the Enertion motor mount, and looking at things, my options are clone wheels, real ones that I can find for a decent price or evolve ones. I’m pretty interested in Evolves wheels, anybody tried them yet? How’s the quality of them if so.

if they don’t say “flywheel” on the side - they are clones. Evolve is just branding their clone.

I have both real flywheels 76mm-107mm electric flywheels. most sizes in between.

I also have the 83mm clones on GF’s board. They work fine. A smidge harder duro, but totally rideable. I would get the cheaper ebay clones over the evolve clones.



That is true, but there really are clones with better urethane than others.

I think some clones suck though. We aren’t pushing often but when I was pushing some clones around after having ridden the real ones it was night and day between the two. One push gets me twice as far with the real wheels. Rolling resistance/rebound is very different. Probably equates to a difference in distance u can travel on a charge. Worth getting the real ones in my opinion. Get he harder duro so they last too. Powered riding eats soft wheels quickly

I also love the real ones, they also eat small cracks / bits way better than some of the clones.

i use clones on my builds. I’ve been riding them hard on my personal builds for over a year now and they perform very very well. I also use them on customer builds unless they explicitly ask for flywheels, but honestly i prefer the clones. I get mine from Amazon.


Care to share a link? I can’t find any clones on amazon that seem to have good reviews…specifically for 97mm. I found these and got them but I haven’t tested them yet. Really wondering if they will last and if 81a is too hard for a comfy-ish ride on a stiff deck.

i use the 83mm “pro longboard wheels” from Everland. They come in variety of colors and are an 80a durometer.

i have had nails and large staples embed themselves in the wheels and they still “heal” when the metal is pulled out and the punctures don’t seem to spread or crack. They can handle the ridiculous speeds i torture test them with and they’re just all around good wheels. And the ride is smooth.

in contrast my These Whites have chunked twice now and i’m on my third set for my push board, and my 83mm ABECs are almost intolerable on rough pavement.

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Ah I saw those, seemed like mixed reviews but then again I’m pretty sure none of them were using it for esk8. Good to hear there’s a way cheaper option that works. [quote=“longhairedboy, post:8, topic:4394”] my 83mm ABECs are almost intolerable on rough pavement. [/quote] What duro are your abecs? Most usually have the 75a or 76a abecs in stock I think… What duro would you recommend for city environments with occasional rough roads?

Do you buy the bearings that Amazon recommends with them? If not which ones do you recommend?

I’ve got a set of these 97mm clones and they seem pretty nice, and ride well enough for me. Definitely smoother than the 83’s due to the size. I don’t have experience with genuine abec 11’s, so I can’t compare there.


They are shipping to germany :open_mouth: Best deal i found so far. Thanks a lot!

Having ridden the Evolve GT wheels on a demo of the new GT… Apart from the shared hub, which is popping up everywhere now, these definitely arn’t clones!

I found they felt softer than the abec flywheels, even if they rate a little harder, and feel very similar to the Otang urethane. The contact patch is a fair chunk wider too (54mm vs 44mm), so this may explain that a little. They are a bit more grippy than the abec flywheels, probably due to the less round lip, but hard to compare how they roll as I havent had a chance to try them unpowered. Definetly seems like they have tried to make a hybrid of their two previous options, and I have to admit I kinda rate them!

I’ve used some cheap 97mm wheels before, and probably won’t ever again… Even with the extra urethane they still felt way too hard and grip was horrible. Proper decent urethane is more important than size of wheel in my opinion. The 80a Orangatangs on my bamboo still feel softer than my ‘75a’ fake 97s… Which in an electric board is definitely important to me!


Well the hub ise the only thing making ABEC11 Flywheels different from other wheels, they are clones. And thank you for telling something about the urethane, good to see they are using quality stuff.

So what would you recommend here? The GT wheels, or real ABEC 11’s?

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I liked the Evolve GT wheels, they feel nicer than Abecs in my opinion. Abec11 has a bigger name but I like the wider wheel. I found flywheels break away too early for my liking.

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Yeah, they come out at the end of this month they said on their Facebook page. But for now, for the purpose of keeping in my budget, I’m gonna get some cheap Amazon ones that actually have some good feedback in terms of esk8. I’ll eventually get nicer wheels, the worst that will happen is the wheels break or something or don’t feel right, and they cost almost nothing really.

I ordered a set of the Evolves last weekend (over some clones) @OwenGrady your review is great to hear! It seemed in the photos that the rubber looked like decent quality. Love the colour combo too.

i guess my flywheels must be harder than 80a because that’s what these clones are and they’re about damned perfect.