How Heavy is your board?

Hello evryone,

I just know the everage weight of people’s build,

I think mine is too heavy to carry in subway so, want to compare to others if I packed too much batteries

No, no,no… what is this,? Too much batteries?


bwahaha that’s he funniest thing i’ve seen all day :laughing:

good one :rofl:


But seriously 20ah is really heavy for me. I want to shave off some weight of the board, Not even sure if i need this much range

If you don’t want half of it I’ll take it XD


yeah so share the weight of the board to see if im weak or my board is wrong

My first board dual 6355 on lipos with a bambo deck was about 15 pounds second one with dual 6374’s with 12s4p tb battery with maple stiff deck was around 21 pounds. I have to carry that board the dual 6374 3 stories high every day from school and down not a problem

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my board was pushing 30lbs. carried up and down 8 flights of stairs daily

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Thanks everyone, <3

mine is 20lb or 9 killos. Probably because of avenur truck baseplate. it’s extra heavy.

its not like i can’t lift but not easy to carry in subway or bus, especially because of the crowd. I’m building a portable one because of this so

Yeah there is that too. XD i need to hit gym bad

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I’d guesstimate mine at about 12 kg, what with dual 6374s, 10s5p battery, and trampa vertigo trucks. Yeah, it’s got good range, and I have to take it up “only” two flights to my apartment, but it does add up. I’m debating switching to dual 6355s to save some weight without too much power loss. In the meantime, I’ve come up with a handle and carrying strap:

A short strap goes from here to a hook which will catch a loop of stiff wire (12awg) that’s attached to the rear truck. More pics when I get home.

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mine do have handle at the rear, and very useful for draging but it adds up when I commute. Im going to try strap front and back trcuk and lift from side.

Be carefull having that in your hands… It may look like brass-knuckels to some… Which is illegal most places…

don’t worry about it bro! you’re not “weak”. boards are just generally incredibly awkward to carry, mall grab ESPECIALLY with board that are 40”+ (unless you’re over 6’. build that second board!

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8kg :ok_hand:t2:

Huh, that’s good point. …aaand it now occurs to me that I could have done the same thing using an old dog leash or something. I forgot the KISS principle…

12s11p trampa Kaly nyc build 40lb


This guy is selling a cheap small 3.5 kg meepo about 9km range good last mile traveler.

That could work, but you might need to wear it high and horizontal to avoid the wheels banging into your legs. I’m also guessing it won’t exactly be fun to carry that on your shoulder along with a laptop backpack for example.

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