How is this motor mount attached to a truck?

First off, i apologise for posting in the wrong section. I need quick answers and the electronics section is the most popular. So, to the point, could someone help me figure out how this is supposedly meant to attach this to the truck. There is nowhere to suggest the motor mount connector is connected to the carbon fiber plate via screws so what is it then? I don’t really see how it all connects.

Edit- I think it would make most sense if there are holes for screws behind the motor connector that we can’t see on the image…

Thanks, Cal

Everyone will see your post don’t worry. The links you posted don’t work. Best way is to contact @trampa

Why you not just email trampa?

Hi, the connector has four M5 threads on its backside. Basically its all clamped together, using these four threads.there is no left and right drive train. Both Can be built from The Same components. Anyway, browsing The desktop Website you will find a manual tab below the image. This PDF format manual shows everything in detail.


There are no manuals?

Also, what length would the M5 screw for the motor connector be if i’m not using the bashguard?

The manual can be found when you go back to the drive train or when viewing a complete E- MTB. Screws should be 10-12mm. The bash guard is needed to stiffen up the drive.


Oh, i was going to simply buy the inner panel and motor mount connector. Is the bash guard necessary? i don’t really want to spend another £25 on a piece of metal that’s purpose is just to stiffen up the inner panel…

The whole thing is a box and therefore stiff. Simply using the connector and one panel will not work at all! You could use the URBAN CARVE drive train for a MTB, if you edge the hanger slightly, using a file. Should be done in 10 mins with some skill.


So if i file down this it will fit the motor mount connector on this Correct?

Also, do these motor mounts support motors such as the turnigy sk3’s? Not just the trampa motors?

We are talking about the spring trucks! If you would like to use skate trucks, you need to make a mount yourself. We don’t recommend to use skate trucks for E-MTBs. Its possible but in my eyes not really worth it. Jenso has done such a built and has some experience with that kind of setup.

There is a lot of thought in our products. I would stick to what we offer. Saves time and money.


I agree that it saves time but not money in my opinion. Do these motor mounts support motors such as the turnigy sk3? I’m pretty sure the evolve gt series doesn’t use spring trucks?

Thanks for your help, Cal

Yes they do. 44mm diameter circle of M4 threads. That’s pretty much the standard for many motors, including the SK3 69xx.


Sorry, i don’t mean to be an annoyance, but if you don’t recommend skate trucks then why do the MOUNTAIN boards that you sell here:

have skate trucks?!

Because they are made for a different kind of Sport. I don’t recommend them for attaching engines. For Kiteboarding (freestyle) they are the best choice. For junior mountain boarders they are also a very good choice.

There is no board being perfect for every rider and sports. For E-MTBs I recommend to go for Spring Trucks. You don’t need to save 500gr, if you are attaching a couple of KWs to the backend. Yo won’t attempt to do 540deg rotation jumps and back flips. Skate Trucks lack precision in the steering mechanism, compared to spring trucks.


I hope you can understand that i’m a school student who doesn’t earn very much money and needs to save money where ever he can. If you were me, would you buy the spring trucks or the skate trucks? Its £60 more for the spring trucks…

Its no good way to save 60pounds mate. I have done a build with skatetrucks, was looking for the lightest possible setup for a Emtb. But after some testruns i decidet to not continue this, its compared to springtrucks much more unstable. Here is a link to the build log on ES :

Cheers Jenso