How long have you been longboarding?


Shark Wheel electric skateboard

Got an Eskate and changed to lipo. Took the dogs running. Taught them left from right. And slow stop.

Got another dog, so built my DIY electric. Thought I would just use it for dog running, but use it to go to store or other errands.

Got a dog leash hold for electric bike.

For a very poor balancer like me, it takes about 2 days to be able to balance on the board. The first few days fell a lot. And now I can slide quite a distance on my own, now learning the basic tricks. Not afraid to fail or not as long as you try and love this subject.

When you are used to rolling, you can start performing tips for beginners can take several months. Keep practicing and at the end of that period, you will find yourself performing some advanced tips. You will love skateboarding more.