How long have you been longboarding?

This forum has become huuuuuge! It’s hard not to notice the influx of questions related to new builds. Not sure if this has already been asked but here goes!

How long have you been longboarding? What types of related experience in boardsports do you have?

I had my first skateboard in 1978. My first experiences downhilling were in 1985 on Church Hill in San Jose, Ca. From there I enjoyed more serious downhill excursions in Coarsegold and Oakhurst CA near Yosemite Valley. Then Spent 15 years in Seattle WA which, well, BLEW MY FRAGILE LITTLE MIND!!! Boardsports MECCA. Move there. While in Seattle, I also snowboarded 3-4 days a week and traveled around the US for various mountainboard events. #downthemountainwithnobrakes

Now, In Socal, though electrified, still making it happen.


I started skating when I was thirteen. I had a group of friends I used to skate with when I was 15/16, then moved to cali at 18 because sf has the best hills for bombing. So I learn to slip and slid all over the streets of sf, mind this is all on a regular skateboard. Up until electric skateboards which I found 2 years ago, I had never ridden a longboard, lol. So now I press my own longboards, hollow them out, fil them with good electrictics, and ride.

TBH, I ride way more electric these days that my regular board (especially when it’s snowboarding season).


I am 15, been skateboarding (non electric) for a couple years though not consistently. I have been riding my electric board that I made for about 3 months now and loving it.


34, been skating since I was 12. I never really been into longboarding. I like doing downhill for fun on shorter boards, with bigger wheels, some wedging, and bushing tunning. You can get a pretty stable board out of a shorty.

Been hitting the parks in PDX lately, trying to get the hang of the bowls. I love hitting the kickers and seeing how big my 180s can get.

Also been really digging these 4" tracker trucks with oj III on the little Pocket rocket.


Oh ok, that explains why ur knees are so fucked up, you’ve been landing on them your whole life.

I’ve been snowboarding since like 14, skateboarding on off since 12, and just being generally wreckless all the time. But longboarding because of esk8, like a year ago.


I am 15, been longboarding since 12. Got into electric at about the same time because I realized it was easier to keep balance if I didn’t have to move my feet to push all the time. Completed my first electric right around 14 (?) and been making one after another since then. That reminds me… I should probably update a few of my build threads…


Started skateboarding in the 90’s for 5-6 years. Haven’t done any longboarding until now, I pretty much stare death in the eye everytime I ride :wink:


I’m 33. Always lived in CT. Used to snowboard from age 16 to about 27. Then my snowboard friends moved away. Boarding took a backseat since then. No longboard experience other than the past few months while I’ve been slowly ordering my parts and getting a feel for the board on some local roads. Still need pulleys/belts, batteries & remote.


I’m 33. Been skateboarding and snowboarding since I was 8. Did both semi-professionally through my teens and early 20s. I always loved going fast, bombing hills and sliding on a regular skate. Multiple broken bones, dislocated joints, and surgeries later I tend to take it “easy” these days (that’s relative). I’ve actually never really ridden a longboard since I feel much more comfortable on a normal skate deck where I can pop the nose up, kick turn etc. All of my e-sk8s have been 31-34" in length. Just more for fun for me, and living in NYC, easier to weave through the chaos and “pop” over cracks and potholes. Maybe one day I’ll build a proper long board since it’s a pain to fit all the batteries and electronics on a short deck. Or more likely a mountain board since those look like a blast to ride.


Hey! I’m 40 riding skate since 9, crazy about it until 15, when a pretty girl told me if I was too old to play with skate. Yeah it was the time to play with her tits!! After that I continue skating and discover surf, then was or surfing or skating all day long, instead go to school, not good! With 17 I did try snowboard and got completely addicted, working in the ski resort to be able to pay for my new addiction. Snowboard it was amazing!! Only fun fun and more fun, no pushing, no hard concrete, no need to paddling to the line up… wooow!!! And then later after couple overdosis of snow I went back to the city, back to skate and back to surf. Years after something happens…boosted board in Kickstarter…a dream come true, this design with two motors drove me crazy, the price tag was hight, really high but for a dream was nothing!! Then enertion show up with the k2 motor mounts around 2014 until today I eskate almost every day that is not raining, easy more than 7000km.


Uhhh, 3 months, also snowboarded like twice before… So I guess you can say I’m basically a pro. (I know my limits though, I can footbrake and am still afraid of hills and speed so I’m staying out of trouble, for now at least, hopefully switching to an e-board with brakes doesn’t give me some bad habits)

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Similar story, but I turned around and bought that girl a board.

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Hmm longboarding? Maybe 2-3 years, skateboarding since 1997 back then I didn’t even know long boards existed and avec 7 bearing we’re the shit, spitfire wheels independent trucks and a black label board.

Been longboarding since elementary school, so about 9 years.

34 years old, used to do a lot of inline skating as a kid, had friends in college who were into skateboarding so they got me into it enough to get a board and skate around campus for a bit and learned a few basic tricks on a “regular” modern skateboard (could ollie barely and shove-it and learned to drop in on a smallish half pipe). Never long boarded before the electric one really though, I cruised around a bit on the longboard before adding electronics, but where I live not really any hills to speak of so lots of pushing to maintain any sort of speed (I apparently don’t have those muscles or not much of em).

Went with the long board build since it seemed popular and gives you the most area to spread the components out and I figured would be a bit more stable than a regular board. I used that one for a while till I had a programming error that led to the board smashing into a wall and breaking off the board at the front trucks… programming error fixed, more thorough testing done, and I switched the components over to an old school deck (save on space give me a kick on the tail for tight turns or popping over big cracks). Have been riding the new build for a while now without much issue though I did have a nasty crash the other day. I let the board wobble out from under me.

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33 years old.

First time on a electric skateboard one month ago. Never been on a skateboard before. Absolute loved it, so now i’m planning a trampa build :sunglasses:

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It is better to start with a normal skateboard and then move on to a normal longboard before using an electric version. You may find the article below as interesting

I’ve been skateboarding for 24 years. I found longboarding 16 years ago or so, and started racing downhill 13 years ago. I’ve been out of the racing scene for a while, only raced for about 3 years or so.

Since growing older, I’ve grown more cautious but the yearning for speed was always itching under my skin… Then I finally decided to build an Eboard to satisfy my downhill itch that I’ve been lacking for the last decade. Plus pushing sucks.

Here’s a few pics.

FB_IMG_1545722284931 FB_IMG_1545722273223 FB_IMG_1545722297935 FB_IMG_1545722336120 FB_IMG_1545722311004 FB_IMG_1545722325386 FB_IMG_1545722366496 FB_IMG_1545722454335 FB_IMG_1545722263417 FB_IMG_1545722258746

This forum is now my silverfish.


I miss silver fish.

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I startedtrick skating at 16 and broke my leg a year later. After realizing I didn’t wanna be tony hawk or chad muska, i gave up doing tricks and would use my board for transport. I then found a longboard and fell in love. I never did bomb hills until a few years ago when I began riding to work. Going fast was easy but I never learned to stop (i would foot brake but never learned how to stop by doing a slide). Now Id rather skate than drive anywhere