How long will a 6s 10,000mah lipo last

Hi, guys, I am wondering how many km/miles my board will last. If anyone knows a website calculator (like to find the distance. or even just know from experience

Planned specs: Motor: Turnigy 280kv Battery: (2x 3s 5000mah lipo) Wheels: 59mm Belt: 3:1 ratio ESC: 120a x-car beast series (I’m not sure if anything else will affect the distance if you need more info please just comment)

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Well for one thing, you would need 4 of those 3s 5000mah batteries to get 6s 10000mah. To answer your question, it would be 3.7610 to get watt-hours like, then divide that by 10, because most setups use around 10 watt-hours per km.

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why would i need 4 of the batterys do they not double?)

Two 3s 5000mah batteries in series gives you a 6s 5000mah battery.

Two 3s 5000mah batteries in parallel gives you a 3s 10000mah battery. To get both 6s and 10000mah, you need 4 packs.


Thank you very much

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that does not make sense are you sure about that?

never heard that either doesn’t make sense

ye :stuck_out_tongue: just watching some videos on that now it says nothing like that

I think you are getting confused with your amps, mah and cells

Nope. When you add cells together, you either get more volts, or more mAh, not both. I’ve built my own battery packs, I know my way around volts amps and watts.

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Search around about series and parallel. With just two packs, you can’t have both series and parallel at the same time.

Ill jump in with 2 setups i had that where 6s 2x3s 5000mha 1 setup 7 miles the other was 6 miles

@MysticalDork is spot on, adding cells in series increases voltage, adding cells in parallel increases capacity (ah/mah)



@MysticalDork is absolutely right. Look it up…

If you parallel batteries, you their AMP output, you also up their MAH capacity.

When you put batteries in series, all you’re really doing is getting more volts, the MAH and AMP rating stay the same…

I apologise, So which should I do series or parallel

You need at least 6S and with 2x 3S 5Ah in series you’ll have a 6S 5Ah and you’ll get about 4-6 Mile’s of range depending on how fast you go. I have a 6S 10Ah pack which is made up of 4x 3S 5Ah Zippy Compact packs and I get about 10-14 miles of range.

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Series, VESC cant run on 3s

I guess you will get around 15-18km with 6S 10Ah

Whats your top speed