How Long Will XT60 NON Anti Spark Loop Key Last?

I’m wanting to go ahead and build my wiring harness for the e board and I don’t want to wait (and pay) for XT90 loop key. How long do you guys think a plain XT60 loop key will last without building up too much carbon?

The higher your voltage, the bigger the sparks. What battery are you going to use?

Side note: try to keep the wires on your harness as short as possible to avoid the issues associated with inductance (if your battery wires are too long, you may need to add some caps in parallel)

long enough to get your anti-spark xt90 and replace!

they last quite a while even w/ some big sparks - and you can easily replace if they wear out. I just always flinch on the bigger sparks (10 and 12s). 6 and 8s - not a huge deal.

like paragon said - higher voltage = shorter life.

I’m running 6s

You’ll hear a click when you connect it, but you should be fine for a while on 6s.

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Sparks will wear out the caps on your esc. Save yourself the headache and the money and get an anti spark.

why don’t you want to buy an xt90s? It’s like $3 for two on hobbyking

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Build an anti spark key with xt90, its awesome and simple ON/OFF! :slight_smile:

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My question is why not buy a xt-90 anti-spark? They are super cheap and super effective. Two for 6 bux on hobby king.