How many amps does the ownboard esc pull?

Im thinking about a jet spud with a 10s2p pack (30q), ownboard esc, diyeboard hub motors w replaceable urathane

would the 10s2p be able to really move me (160lb) around campus?

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I don’t know the specifics but if you look at what watt motors they are using you get the idea


It depends on the motor specs on how many amps it will draw but 2p should do.

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Any reason why you wouldn’t just get the Ownboard hub motors? They sell a kit that you could bolt onto the spud. Kit includes a 10s2p battery with either Samsung or Sanyo cells (25r probably).

I use a Wowgo kit (same battery/esc/hubs) and it does fine for me (145lbs, 160 with gear).

I also am trying a Skullboard esc/hubs and it’s more comfortable but less torque.

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Diyeboard is sketchy. Please be careful


i thought about the skullboards but they look to crazy for me haha. I want super stealth.

I like the way these hubs look too… haha :stuck_out_tongue:

you think i should get different trucks? I have a few pairs of other trucks i could modify… do you think a fatboy hanger by @Kug3lis would work? That could help :slight_smile:

You get what you pay for. As in would the Fatboy hanger work, probably. I just use caliber 2 myself

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This is what @Moros said on another thread about diyeboard. Sorry, I don’t know how to link a post.

'Yea exactly, no one has unless you got to see the thread in the 10 minutes it was up before being removed. diyeboards posted a rage thread saying someone was “frauding” him 1000USD and went on to post personal info about the buyer, his father, either his father or the buyers fiance including addresses, emails, names and even full credit card details with exp date and cvv number.

Gave no explanation on what happened or what they had done to apparently “fraud” him. For all we know he sold another dodgy setup that snapped in half and refused to fix it so got charged back."


isnt it modified though?

yeah i saw this and it really shocked me, fotunately im buying these hubs off a forums members who isnt him, and has had nothing but good experiences with it :slight_smile:

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ownboard is sellign the kit with 30q cells. just get that one since the motors are the same. I also used these hubs paired with a 10s3p 30Q battery and 2 VESC on a Spud. Nice motors, good torque and by the telemetry data they pulled at most 40A in total out of the battery so 10s2p would be enough, plus the ESC are usually set to pull something around 20-30A total so no problem.

You will save money on shipping and everything is plug and play


does the first mode pull less amps? or is the motor amps just limited for lessening torque?

I think i might do that, im not sure

In lower modes you typically see lower torque. I think it’s a combination of both

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The ownboard esc pulls max 18A IMG_20180904_191850 So a 10S2P 30Q is fine


! great :smiley:


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