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How many cells in series do you use?

Hey guys,

I am right now designing a new electronic device that would be applicable to all of the electric skateboards. I wont say anything more a i dont want to promise and then fail to deliver.

What I would really need is to know how many cells in series do you use? Just write down number super quick and easy. Apart from that you will help me in designing for as many boards as possible.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

6s & 10s. I think 10s will be the most popular by far.

I think this will make it easier to see. :slight_smile:

  • Lower than 6s
  • 6s
  • 7s
  • 8s
  • 9s
  • 10s
  • 11s
  • 12s
  • Higher than 12s

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I think 6s is the most popular for budget builds and 10s for most other builds.

Thank you, it will definitely be easier :smiley: didnt even know it was possible to create a survey

Do people even use odd number of cells?

9s lipos sometimes. 3 x 3s

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I put everything between 6s and 12s on there. I’ve seen 9s a few times, and I think @SageTX is accurate in why it exists, but I’d say the most common are evens (6s, 8s, 10s, and 12s)