How many mm can you rout out of a deck?

Hey guys, I’ve got a Jet Spud from @JLabs and I was planning on routing out some of the deck to set in the enclosure as well as potentially get some more room in the enclosure height wise, pretty much like what @whitepony did with his Jet Sput . How many mm do you think I could route out of the deck without compromising it to the point that it might break?

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just lay some cf like @whitepony and you won’t have to worry :wink:

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I’m doin the same got a jet spud there n use of a cnc machine going to route it out and lay cf in it make it lighter and stronger… Nice twincam in the profile pic is it yours

i removed about 3-5mm i think and the spud, because its so short, is a fairly thin deck - its just an elegance thing, doesnt really add functionality in the end - so think about if you really need it. i always had a slightly bad feeling and avoided jumping with weight in the middle of the board.