How many people actually killed their board using 12S?

Speaking of quality ones, no Maytech or cheaper VESCs.

How many people killed their VESC with that high Voltage or going over the ERPM Limit?

Just interested, it seems like this is a myth thats here on the board going around.

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No myth, going over rpm limit kills your drv chip. But most guys are smart enough to do their calculations before they plug together random parts and if your motor kv is adequate nothing bad will happen. Not even with maytech’s-.-

I have two maytech and really don’t want to kill them. If I set the erpm limit to 60000, am I fine?

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yeah thats why youre using limit erpm.

but killing your chip is mostly the result of going downhill very fast over the limit.

should do the trick

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Always limit your ERPM on 60K. Above might kill your DRV. I run 12s on a focbox with a 190kv motor and it’s been running fine for a few months now

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Hello , do you still ride on 12s with 190kv’s and the erpm limit set on your focbox(es) ? Still no issues ? I have 2 6364 190kv sensored motors laying around and would like to use them on 12s . When i have the $ i’ll switch from 190kv’s to 150-170KV.

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yup, still riding single 190KV in 12s. still runs fine. here in the netherlands there are more boarders who all use 12S

I have been commuting on maytech for more than a year on 12s. BLDC mode, short battery wires and safe settings. Dual 5065. Urathane.

l Don’t think they would hold up with a mountain board and big motors. Or FOC.

Stay within its limits and it’s fine.