How much clearance do you need?

I’m having a hard time with clerance. I have a Jet Spud and torque board mech kit plus 6355 mounts I want to reverse but it doesn’t seem to be enough clerance for me. If I face the mounts to the center of the board there is heaps but no room for the battery. In reverse the mounts hit the truck even with the motors out as far as they go. Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I have 83mm wheels, will mbs 100mm be better??

Have you considered using angled riser pads to bring the trucks around a few degrees closer to the deck? Give these diagrams a suss, it might help. (Just to clarify. I have never actually tried this, it was just a thought i had a while ago)


It’s the trucks I’m having a problem with not the board (sorry if I didn’t say that before or it wasn’t clear) if I move it closed to the board the trucks get in the way. I can add the height with the spacers I have so don’t need to worry about getting to close to the board

I had my tb motor and mount rear facing like yours, and it go pretty banged up- I was also running MBS all terrain wheels, so I still had more clearance than you now. the motor still works fine, it’s just that the black paint comes off easily, and it is bright aluminum underneath so it looks much worse than it actually is with all the scratches.

If you aren’t going to use the kicktail (because it’ll just scratch the motors) AND you are riding on pretty smooth roads, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. if you ride somewhere kinda rough, or want to use your kicktail, prop up your board, etc, I’d just mount then facing the inside and have a taller battery case.

Yeah I think that is the way to go, might have to modify the case but then I wouldn’t have gotten the diy mech kit haha

And this is the tallest I can go on my drop through :-/ it would destroy my motors haha