How much money did you burn up in parts?

I already broke 60 euro bms, 25 euro anti spark, and now 90 euro Focbox And my board is not even finished yet (well because my focbox died on me)

Bought a faulty motor of 45 euros so I guess that kind of counts too.

I kinda regret full diy, maybe I should have like got a backfire and went from there or used less quality parts because I’m kind of bummed out about the money I burned up :neutral_face:

It is a lot of fun and I learn much but it’s so costly and it frustrates me all the time that something does not work out.

Curious what you guys went through…


Too much man… too much



There’s enough information on this forum to make it clear that there’s a very good chance DIY will not be cheaper. But you’ll end up with new knowledge and a good board :slight_smile:

Can’t say exactly how much Ive spent but it’s def in the hundreds of US dollars. It can be expensive when you go crazy but still nothing compared to my other hobby, cars. Diy is worth it cause those prebuilt boards break too but their parts are much more expensive and sometimes depending on the manufacturer they won’t sell you certain parts.

With diy you can always fix it.

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Started with a $200 BOM spent over $700 before I scraped everything and started fresh.

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Shit happens but you learn out of it! Be happy that you didn’t burned down your hole board like I did…2k min gone in some seconds…


I knew diy would be more expensive I did not go diy route to cheap out. I thought it was fun but my fun factor is kind of challenged by all the frustration and money lost

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About $80 in hobbyking lipo that got fully drained.

I have been riding for 2.5 years and have 2 boards.

DIY is cheap for a mid quality board…a reasonable dual hub board can be done for $300…but nice boards are definitely more expensive up front when making them from parts

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dual hub 300 dollars? you must be kidding


Im making it for my roommate…a dual hub motor drive train $120, dual motors ESC with remote $60, 10s lipo $90, charger $30, old deck $0…$300ish

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Hang in there :slight_smile: less mistakes as you learn I’m sure.

Nothing, I must be fairly lucky + chose quality parts. Unless you count broken light brackets which I had to replace for about $20 total.

Just shipping on things that broke so about 30-40 bucks

for my first build i got so f’ing confused by the vesc. I kept plugging the remote reciever into the wrong place, and i cut up my whole vesc heat shrink. then i couldn’t get dual to work cause no good tutorials and i threw a book across the room cause i spent like three days doing master and slave! the book broke my closet door. my parents were pissed and yeah.


I’ve done this too $2600 in seconds in a hotel room.


I recently installed my loop key wrong and burned up 2 Focbox to an unrepairable state. Even with some experience you can still make a stupid mistake that can break shit lol


don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to. :joy:


I have probably wasted $500 destroying stuff, and another $500 learning how to use epoxy. LOL.

(Being conservative)


I have a box of broken vescs Think I’ve got 6 Broke 3 batteries 6s-10s Broken 2 decks Chunked 2 sets of wheels I’ve got a pile of enclosures Too many failed motor mounts to count

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