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How much power will I get out of a 10s2p $80 battery? (more info in desc)

Hey guys,

I want to build a DIY Esk8 and I found all my parts, but I want to make sure it is very powerful. I found this battery ( on Alibaba and I was wondering how much power I would really get out of this.

I am planning on a dual 6374 190kv setup with a 100A (300A instantaneous) VESC, how much speed and range will I get out of this battery?

Thank you! Any help is appreciated!

Lots of variables to consider that you didn’t include, but that battery is small (7ah) and weak (30A max discharge) so it will probably disappoint you.

Ok thank you for that, I appreciate your help with this as this is my first time building a board.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a battery because the other parts of my build cost a good amount as well. Is this MBoards battery worth it? Or is it too expensive for its value? (

That’s about the cheapest 10S3P 30Q you can find. It’s twice as powerful, and offers ~30% more range by specs. It’s a proven cell, the 30Q, so probably even better. Though mboards doesn’t build the nicest packs, it comes w/ a charger, so packs from elsewhere will be ~$50 more. This is what I would get if I was you, looking for something to add to my cart.

+ a charger.

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I see, ill check it out. Thank you for your help!

Depending on your size constraints, you could also check out the Meepo ER battery. It’s significantly smaller for a small decrease in charge and current output. I would say it can supply more than the 30 A listed on their website since it uses the 40T batteries which should enable twice that.

ok thanks ill take a look