How much risers matter for embt? I'd like to Increase agility while keeping the board stable

Hi there! I compared two decks with different spacers today.

Is there another way on how to increase the turn / pivot of the regular skate trucks?

I know I will probably have to choose spring trucks at some point… just wished to know how exactly the physics work for all of this…especially for skate trucks with relatively hard (black) bushings without changing the bushings themselves!

My observation so far:

Higher risers makes the board feel less stable but increases turning tremendously… (makes you feel like you are almost floating above the ground)

Lower risers makes the board feel more stable… but the turning is also quite weak…

So - how does risers influence this ? I can only imagine that being higher above the ground gives greater pressure - force to the bushings… similar like higher leverage / longer pole… the same way it is easier to unscrew screws if you have a longer handle.

Ok some pics of the risers I’ve got now:

What I found interesting that the higher riser has only about 5mm (~2’’) difference between the shortest and tallest side, while the riser next to it, has 5.5mm (bit more than 2’’)… while the numbers are the same, the ratio is not… so it should create a bit steeper angle for the shortest riser

I do know some ppl have made their own risers for short boards… but im not quite sure how the angle impacts the turning… in my case. it did not differ much because of the angle… more because of the height of the riser…

Ok some clarity about all of this would be great!

Btw, the board should look something like this but I want to make it turny!

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I use 1/2 inch risers. Aside from the turning radius and stability issues risers also effect how well the board travels over obstacles, that’s my main reason for using 1/2 inch risers. With 83mm 75a wheels and these risers I can run over rocks and sticks with little to no issues resulting.

Ok, thanks for input! How do you exactly measure them? Is it the middle point - 1/2inch in your case?

Then… I assume the biggest riser for me is about 1.05 inches and the shortest one is 0.5inches

@Okami mine are not angled, they are square.

yeh, I assume your deck is flat… mountainboards have these dropdown / concave decks and the risers are angled…

Compared to a mountain board its pretty flat. It has 3/8 concave but the front to back is pretty straight.

I think Ideal height in my case will be 0.75 inches… that is the middle ground between 1/2 and 1 inch riser…