How not to treat your gear (Now a satire)

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dude what…


If you do it more than once your pack will likely start to drift. If you have different IRs in your battery you will have a lot of fun with this pack…

So i treat my batteries with respect! you can utilize quite some energy if they are charged but hey man, if they are depleted you should not pull even more from them…

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Totally correct. Doing few little things does increase battery life and it’s not that significant to the point that people consider themselves “the know God of batteries”, in which he / she might not even tested both setup.

I do believe liIon is safe to charge up to 4.2V, only if you’re abit techy and consider battery lifespan crucial, you may charge to 4.1V (I recommend you do so). What I do not recommend is to discharge lower than 3V for liIon, this known to reduce battery lifetime.

I do charge till 4.2V and never runs into issues. I consider batteries as “useable resources” and still they got to be replaced after few years. In fact battery technology grow so fast that new type with higher energy density and discharge will come before the old one broke.

Yet my main point is not to argue about little things. If you aren’t sure about where your information came from, don’t reply with “definitive answer”. If it’s wrong, might killed someone. Try suggesting other member, don’t wrong them. Let each individual decide their own path, after all open source community is about being open to possibilities and perspectives (don’t limit them).


I charge my Lipos to 4.15v, soft cut off at 3.7v, and hard cut off at 3.5v…

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Whats the point in having literally the same thread everyday. Just another argument thread

not true. Ive finished 300 cycle less than a yr. and because i use lipo it lost lots of range. I myself push these batt to the max but thats because lipo are cheap and don’t use bms on. (I know what I am doing)

i can’t recommend discharge below 3.0, li-on battery will unbalance and it will be hard to re balance with bms. beside u get so much sag after 3.3 that u won’t even need voltmeter. board will screaming to says to go home


Yes, the only danger of Li-Ion Li-Poly is temperature on which electrolyte starts getting gassed and lits up :slight_smile: So over-current over-voltage over-temperature and also mechanical damage which shortens the cathode and anode basically over-current

No thanks. I’ll take care of the $400 battery pack I built.

chocol4te must work for a lithium mine or something, lol

“thrash your investment! you can always buy more! buy buy buy!”

Hey I sort of agree…skate what you got, right? Skate it hard, shred miles and shut up…right? But here’s the thing, batteries are F’ing expensive…so till the manufactures finally bring the prices down to fair levels for a disposable product then I’m not treating it like it’s disposable…got it? the cost of batteries is holding back everything in this industry, it effects how we think of these devices…

That’s what I’m talking about. The capacity left in the battery from 3.5V to 3.0V and the unused capacity from 4.15 to 4.20 is arguably a lot more than the capacity the batteries will lose throughout their lifetimes by not being drained completely.

Of course you may do whatever you wish to.


I’m not advising people to burn their money, I’m just saying the battery advice given to new people is perhaps overzealous in describing how to increase battery longevity.

Its good to keep batteries within the manufacturer rangers - 4.2V to 3.0V. A BMS is very important for keeping batteries healthy. Anything more is going to have a negligible impact on the longevity of a battery.

Your argument makes sense for Li-ion, and LiPO4Fe. They take abuse.

But please don’t suggest such things with LiPoly. It’s fucking dumb. You will puff, kill your IR, and reduce the life to unusable in just a few cycles discharging that low.


Some advice you got there :joy:

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hey fully agree but @Deckoz has a point. Lipo’s need respect as you probably all know. I lost half of my rc collection to a lipo fire. Bloody 2s went up like a roman candle and nearly took my house with it :o Healthy respect.

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  • Figures above are at rest, or >5m after normal use. Pack should not be warm.

I think I’m coming across as foolish, and I don’t think I phrased some previous responses correctly, but this is what I’m trying to argue. 20% of the capacity in that table is yellow or red, and I’m just trying to say that the extra capacity you get over the battery’s lifetime is far less than the capacity that goes unused. Please look in awe at my amazing drawing.

The green line shows the available capacity on a battery kept always in the white region and the blue one is a theoretical battery that I am running full to empty and as a result is losing capacity over time. The region in red, therefore, is capacity that is completely wasted and unused for no gain whatsoever. And thats assuming that the green battery doesn’t lose any capacity which it will because they wear out, regardless of how they are used.

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Please extend your graph to Charge cycle 300 and tell us your results again :slight_smile:


No worry i have 300 cycle lipo. my pack used to be 420wh when fully charge. I set my cut at 3.3~3.1 so I’m really pushing it.

now it only go for 350wh ish. I went exactly 36km when tested on slow drive. and get voltage sag at 3.7. I probably lost about 25~30% of original capacity.

but because of voltage sag, realistic value is probably more lost.

so for lipo perspective it sounds about right because they are cheaper and they tends to go bad easily. that being said you will loose more than 20% capacity for sure

but for lion u can get up to 800 cycle without problem if you keep it on sweet spot.