How often do you adjust your belt tension?

  • Every ride
  • Every week
  • Every month
  • Every 3 months
  • Every 6 months
  • Other…

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Never readjusted

Honey Driver dual drive board (1 year)

  • Enertion mounts
  • 265-5m-12 belts
  • 5065 motors
  • 16/36 reduction
  • loose but firm tension
  • belts from vbeltsupply

Carbonated dual drive board (8 months)

  • Torqueboards v4 mounts
  • 280-5m-12
  • 6355 motors
  • 16/36 reduction
  • loose but firm tension
  • belts from vbeltsupply

Awesome, I was going to ask about motor size… belt width… but it was all too hard. Too many variables. Thanks bro

Never have to adjust my chain tension…

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Takes like 5-10 secs to adjust belt tension but I’d at least check it once a month or every 2 weeks. Checking it is as simple as just squeezing the belt to check how “loose” it is.

Thanks TB (@torqueboards), I’m familiar with the process. I’m about to mount up some “different” motors that will require me to partially disassemble my motor mount to adjust both my motors and support bearings to adjust my belts. So before get my self in a hole I’m just doing a SWOT analysis of the design to make sure it is viable :wink: so I thought I would sound out the community for there experience as a search yielded me no solid data.

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Awesome @Jinra that is some solid reliability!

OTHER When they get too loose.

yeah but how often is that @Namasaki …? humorous but obtuse :neutral_face:

Hey, I have a hard enough time remembering what day it is let alone the last time I adjusted my belts :confused:

BTW, is it Friday yet?

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So I’m guessing it is not very often Nama…?

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As for the poll maybe I could have defined things better but for the sake of others that might search this out later… if you select other, other than each ride, other than each week, other than each month, other than each 3 months or other than each 6 months, you look like you are voting for a time period longer than 6 months… just saying :expressionless:

unless you are implying you adjust your belts more often than every ride… :fearful: