[HOW TO] Add concave to a Trampa

Hi guys,

Here is how I added some concave to my Trampa:

First step, 3D print the parts: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3145193 I used TPU (flexible)

Step 2, check the fitting:

Step 3, epoxy time!

Epoxy doesn’t stick to mylar so you can use like a potato chip pack between the parts and your clamps. The epoxy wil goo through the TPU, making it very strong.

Wait at least 24h. 48h is better.

Step 4, sanding! (not completed yet on this picture)

Step 5, griptape. I used a paper template I created by bending the paper around the board. Then you use a pen on the bendings.

There you go! Feel free to ask questions!


Awesome idea, definately on I’d like to do. Just need to redesign it to fit the HS11/Holypro

Hey @Koringer, what print height did you use? I’ve taken your idea and made a HS11/Holypro version and printed the first one in TPU with 0.3 layer height. Just wondering how well the grip tape blends the layers together, it’s quite thick so I don’t think it would should the layers once applied. Due to the different shape of the HS11/Holypro I’ve extended the raised edge onto the 35 bend a bit for aesthetics.



Please please please share it when youre done!

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0.15 mm :wink:

Got all 4 of mine printed, think I’ll just use some flexible caulking to fill the gaps, maybe silicone. Only concern I have with this is the grip tape sticking to it after.

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Awesome! Got my buddy printing some for me to give it a go!

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have you tried using ABS filament instead of TPU?

No I never had to change them yet. But it should do the job if you bend them right after printing I guess.

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thanks! will try it out :slight_smile:

or buy a kaly nyc deck :smile:

try to get a deck only :wink: good luck :rofl:

You can get an enclosure from them, so why not try to ask for a deck :)?

Because ernesto stopped selling decks only. for how long idk, maybe ever. not going to buy a full board when i would need the deck only. anyway, this thread and idea started way before the time of kaly decks and is ment to help people who already have a trampa deck to add a concave. 15$ filament is defintily cheaper than to buy a new deck and i can confirm tha concave works pretty good also on other mtb decks.


Here is another way to do it


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I was wondering about with bindings, I have yet to install them on my “street” board but I can def see the added foot space when dry fitting them