How to assemble Mini Spring Trucks

Hello, I ordered all the parts for the Mini Spring Trucks and im just wondering how to assemble them? I hear that most of the times that thing break, its user error… Just trying to avoid that :joy:


Or if anyone else can lend a hand, that would be appreciated. Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Here you can find all manuals

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got it :slight_smile:




20181225_120347 20181225_120339

so I put the spacers in, but theres not enough room for the baseplate to fit around the hanger with the spacers in, unless Im doing it wrong

This is what it should look like assembled if it helps. It is a tight fit between the base plate and the hanger but you are on the right track.





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Thank you! Looks like you have the full size hangers, I’m hoping to pick those up instead, as the 1:5 gear drive only fits those

The plastic spacers had to be sanded down a little on my mine trucks where they didnt on my full side.

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Yeah this was the issue I was having, if I got rid of one it would have fit. I was just confirming fitment so I could help someone if I were to pass on the hangers :slight_smile:

Get them a complete list of parts they might need, etc

Definitely worth getting them. I bought my trampa deck fully complete with the inifinity hangers. Happy that i did.



The bushings exist in various thicknesses, so that tolerances can be swallowed. If your bushings all have the same colour, they all have the same thickness. You can sand down a bushing until you have a perfect fit.

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