How to bind the GT2B receiver - controller. a STEP BY STEP GUIDE - 4 EASY steps :smile:

Today I learned something new. It may be old knowledge for you, so don’t waste any more time reading (and head back to the @longhairedboy t-shirt design thread and think of ways of convincing him to open up the competition again, cause you have some great ideas going).

For those that are or feel a bit left behind, like I am sometimes, read on, This will be good.

You know the feeling when you have a brand new FS-GR3E receiver and you just need to plug it in to see that fresh red light from the LED. Not the flashing… The continous light from a receiver that paired with its remote.

So you plug it in and turn on the remote, cause that’s how easy it was when you first bought the remote/receiver kit, and you squeeze the trigger… But nothing happens and the light keeps flashing.

Well, this is what you’ve been missing.

STEP 1. Make sure everything is switched off. STEP 1 1/2. Connect the receiver to your ESC. Connect Signal to SIgnal, - to ground, plus to +. Don’t mess up already. STEP 2. Take your little binding plug/bridge and stick in in place. That would the the 2nd row of pins if it’s the GR3E, and the first row if it’s the GR3F. It even sais BINDING in RED next to where you stick it. STEP 3. Turn the board on. See that the receiver LED is flashing? Not that slow flashing, but that quick, rapid one telling you it’s trying to find a pair. STEP 4. Push the binding button on your switched off remote and keep pushing while turning the remote on. Remote will start flashing and receiver stops doing it.

VOILÀ! Success! You can now switch everything off and remove that binding plug. You’re good to go! Use a helmet.

Now even you have learned something new today! Doesn’t it feel good?


Question I am making a 4wd and I don’t think finding a y splitter for 4 focbox will reach so my idea was using just a regular y splitter for 2 vesc each and having 2 receivers but is it possible to bind 2 receivers to a remote?

Yes it’s possible at least with gt2b. They don’t seem to mind sharing. :blush:

We need more threads authored in this fashion. Thank you :smiley:


You can also use the mini remote for multiple receivers

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I already ordered gt2b receivers I already have a gt2b controller with mastercho mod

I will gladly reopen the t-shirt contest if somebody posts a legit entry in there.

Also, this is an excellent post. Thank you. I’m sure there are a few people dealing with this. Googling remote pairing is something i tend to do a few times a month myself.


What about a logo just saying " DRINK IT CRUSH IT MAKE IT " with your skateboard logo @longhairedboy

put it into an image with a retro font and some flare and it will probably look pretty damn cool.

Is it possible to have two GT2B remotes bound to the same receivers? :roll_eyes: