How to build an electric skateboard slideshow

I’ve been working on this for about a year now and I was wondering if any of you could proof read it and check if all the information is correct!

It’s kinda a big deal and I want all the information correct…


That is some good work there !! :+1::+1:

I would elaborate different battery types, and also belts are more rubber than plastic, if anything they have thread cores, that give it the tensile strength.

looks solid to me!!

Nice work, is it for a senior project or something?

Look really good, I can tell that it took a while, 49 slides!

As you asked for constructive criticism:

  1. In section one Strava is misspelled as Starva
  2. You have the single motor provides more breaking power. Dual motors give you 2 times the breaking power (not vise versa)

I didn’t read over everything meticulously, but that is the only thing I found. Good job!!! :grin:

2 times the breaking power in a dual setup is if the battery can take the charge isn’t it? If one motor can brake with -20A and the battery can take -20A charge then 2x motors has to be braking at -10A each to not burn the battery.

Solid criticism thanks so much! I did this all in my free time!!

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Free time bro!

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@onloop @torqueboards you said you’d read it!!! Please do!!

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Great job, just one little error I saw it says now on the ways to mount motors page I think you meant to say not

Awesome! :slight_smile:.

Hi, the critistic media guy here :slight_smile:

Depending for what this presentation is for, it´s really packed! So you won´t be able to present this to any audience, without lot´s of snoring people. If it´s only to educate people online or as a summary, then it´s ok, because they can just read a bit of it, or do some brakes between.

If you want it as a presentation it´s too much text too - less text, talk more.

Leave more white space, everything is really packed!

I didn´t read through it, cause it´s too much for now :smiley:

Let me know if you want technical support with it :wink:

  • the critistic media guy
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you seem to be dwelling on topics that are not all that relevant in the real world.

for example, i don’t think there’s a ton of people doing 4wd builds. not sure dedicating a whole slide to it is beneficial. same with the chain vs belt drive. not sure if chain drives are all that common.

also, the idea behind presentation slides is easy to understand broad concepts and ideas. you’ve basically written a paper in the form of a slideshow. slides should contain just enough information without having to focus too intently. maybe write a paper, then pare down your slides with less detailed info as a companion to the paper.

otherwise, great job.

I would love to see slide shows like that…dont usually though. The slideshows where I work average about 200 slides, have around 20-40 full pages of material and at least 100 pics. I think slide shows are meant as a way to get losts of info out to a lot of people, and prompt questions. I think this slide show does a good job of that.

@NewbieBoardBuilder I applaud your desire to give back to a community that has helped you get going in something fun.

making simple slides has been ingrained from business writing class, got a full grade docked once for “being too dense.”

but you’re right, in the real world, people tend to use presentation slides a official documentation.

I know, I just used this as an excuse to learn and get myself into electric skateboards… this is how I tought myself.