How to build the fasted board possible

If you were a crazy man and wanted to build the fastest possible RELIABLE board that could hit 35-40mph how would you go about it? what parts would you use?

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if its a diy board and you want to do 40 and you want it reliable I think you need to even out all the kinks in whatever parts you chose before you do that 40. diy and reliable dont go together at first


12s6p battery pack with 30Q cells, 200kv 6364 or 6374 motors, VESC-X x2, 107mm Abec 11 wheels, BMs for charge only and max the Bat Max and Motor Max in the VESCs. That should get you close.

12s 200kv on a vesc is how you fly at 40mph

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18/36 gears on 107mm wheels = 41.15 mph{“batt-type-lipo”:0,“batt-cells”:12,“motor-kv”:190,“system-efficiency”:80,“motor-pulley-teeth”:18,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:107}|

to clarify, “fly” as in, you broke your vesc by exceeding erpm limits

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Nope…57456 ERPM.

The problem with that Calc is that it doesn’t calculate with full charge voltage. 50.4v for 12s

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Big wheels, high voltage, and low reduction ratio = the key to speed :key:

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50.4 x 200 x 7 x .95 = 67032

Li-ion pack simply won’t be at 50.4V under load. There will always be some degree of sag.

@filmerskier97 If you want a really high reduction ratio use hub motors, 1 to 1 :slight_smile:

Link below, the world record uses 4WD hub motors.

Fastest speed record on an electric longboard set at 102.9 km/h

Esk8 Calc; 12S, 170kv, 97mm, Gear ratio 1:1

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doesn’t have to be, with a little decline, there’s suddenly low load and you’ll be hitting the rpm limit

I didn’t do math but I do 30mph on 90kv hub motors with 81mm wheels and I think u could hit 40 mph with just 120kv hub motors. I can wind you that and Ive got new motors in a couple weeks that match these abec11 centrax 83x78 wheels.


I think I would build an uneven drive board if I was looking for crazy top speed. Have a 170kv and a 200kv on 12S would probabaly be crazy enough. Or maybe even 280kv and 430kv on 6S…

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This setup got my 185lbs up to 33mph. 12s Lipos TB 12s ESC’s and Carvon 145kv hubs Maybe with Vescs, I could have got close to 40mph (Vescs seemed to be much more efficient than those car ESC’s) However, I doubt I would have the courage to go that fast. Even 30mph was out of my comfort zone. Note: the blue wheels are 97mm I did 33mph with my yellow 90mm wheels.

Check this out, 55mph with a dual belt drive.

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While also illegal, testing on a live road like that seems supremely stupid. Who knows what debris or pot holes there are on there, not to mention if you wipe you can easily get run over.


Ya, pretty crazy alright. Definitely not for me. I like to skate in my comfort zone.

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39.65 mph with lipo 10s, 18/32 gears and 107mm wheels.{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:190,“system-efficiency”:80,“motor-pulley-teeth”:18,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:32,“wheel-size”:107}|

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fastest != 40mph

If you want the fastest, you’d probably want: a 2 speed transmission (one for a torquey start, one for a high top end) dual drive with 60+ mm motors (you can go dual diagonal with 80100 motors) or you can go quad drive with higher kv motors so you’ll have better top end speed (this route is mechanically simpler, but a lot less efficient) stiff deck with a wide wheelbase high c lipos or lifepo4 cells (the size of a li-ion pack that could put out the needed amps would likely be impractical) kelly controller (if going above 12s) lots of $$$

this is diy; reliability depends on your math, attention to detail, and the quality of the parts you pick otherwise, just go for the tried and true…