How to calculate range?

I want to calculate the range that I will get(:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks a lot, Ron

You need: Your weight + the board Battery watt hours Motor efficiency Any hills <-- this site will help you. Roughly speaking 10Wh=1km but all the variables matter as well as what you consider ‘safe’ cut off voltage.

I run 185Wh (2 5Ah 5S in series to make 10S 5Ah) and get about 20km (12 miles) on flat ground (Chicago) and being a light dude (around 120lbs) before my batteries are down to around 3.5V per cell (LiPo)

totally depends on setup and weight.

i get about 13km with 10S3P about 280Wh i weigh 200 pounds.

Not just that it’s how you ride too there is a big range different when I’m hauling ass and when I’m cruising.

I get 18-20miles range riding fast and hard. I get 27-30miles just derping around.

Yup agree ride style+weight+elevation changes all make a difference (not to mention electrical efficiency/losses between/within components)

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I found messing with the gear ratio < 2 restricts range/life

esk8 range calc says with 10S3P 288Wh with dual drive 30wh/km i get 15.8km.

i get 13-14 think thats pretty accurate

30Wh/km?? What the hack kind of riding are you doing? 0-50-0 all the time??

Lmao yea right, my Raptor 1 is Dual 6355 with a very Old 10s3p it doesn’t charge to 100% anymore and I still get 10+ miles out of it

I live in baltimore city and do a lot of 0-max a lot. It it is a blast but kills battery life.

Thank you every one! That helped me a lot


Thats per mile, or 1.6km! Seems alot off thought, especially at the higher numbers.

Like, Who the fuck uses 80Wh/mile? Even on 4wd Thats too extreme, unless offroad maybe…

true yeah, but i still just reach around 13-14km

My Evo, 13s5p…

With a cutoff of 3.35/cell, leaves approximately 35-40% charge left in my cells.

My pack is 709Wh calculated at 3.6v nominal.

I can pull 43/44 miles out before the “cuttoff” which still leaves me at 3.38/cell without the sag.

When I charge, it puts in about 440-460Wh back into the pack, meaning I discharge to about 37%

Let’s take the median 450Wh used / 44 miles = ~10.22 Wh/mile.

Or, that’s how I see it on my Evo


Whuuuut.? Thats incredible efficiency!

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Two questions… what are your battery cutoff limits? What is your riding style, run and gun, or cruising?

57v max(full charge is 54.6v) 44v cutoff start, 43v cutoff end

I ride like a bat out of hell, I am a speed junkie. I ride street, and regularly keep up with traffic. Lots of run and gun on the street, moderate cruising


That is what I assumed. I love keeping up with traffic, otherwise there is no point. I haven’t run my battery to its end, but based on my last run in my new setup, I figure I will get about 20 miles. I have a 12s4p of 25r (I wish I paid extra and went with 30q). I am also just north of 200 so I know that impacts it as well.

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