How to calculate speed for hub motor skateboards?

All the electric skateboard speed calculators i have found don’t seem to help if my board is going to use hub motors so how would i calculate the speed? Thanks

the speed calculators do work. Since hubs are 1:1 gearing, just use that for motor/wheel pulley count “1”.



I really don’t want to be an asshole, but come on there must be a big problem in some peoples head if they can’t figure out that a hub motor is a 1:1 ratio, and they only have to set the two pulleys the same value.

What’s obvious to you, may not be obvious to others. Everyone has to learn sometime.



Once you’re building esk8’s you will learn how these calculations work and it’s very normal the gear ratio is 1 because there are no gears…

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To know that a hub motor and the wheel will turn together, ratio is 1:1 has nothing to do with any mechanical, electrical … engineering. It is common sense. I really think that someone who can’t figure out an easy task like that, shouldn’t start building ans esk8, because there will be problems, and on the end he will finish with a dangerous board. In worst case it will set on fire because of a wrongly made electrical circuit, or he will have a big accident. I didn’t look for where he is from, but I hope it is the US, we don’t need that kind of hobby builders in Europe, in most countries our lifes isn’t easy, we don’t need bad advertisement.

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We don’t need bad builders in the US either. They already want to crack down, we don’t need to give them any excuses…


lol I agree