How to charge a 10s lipo battery

would this charger work with a 10s lipo battery

This is becoming spam

lmao @willpark16, you’re right, but I’ll try to help out here.

I’m assuming you’re running two 5s batteries in series, with a total of 10s, yes? Unfortunately for you (and me, since my build is 10s as well) you’ll either need to add a BMS or discharge in series and charge in parallel.

The latter involves more work in between charging and riding, but it’s cheaper (and simpler). @dg798 please stop making more and more posts when we’ve already answered your questions. If you don’t understand our solution, ask us to elaborate, don’t make a new thread!! :slight_smile:

EDIT: The charger you linked will only work correctly with a BMS; when charging lipos safely you need to balance charge them as well.

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You call it spam, I call it lazy.

@dg798 With 8 hours of reading time and 14 posts created it is very evident you have no concern for learning on your own. This is a community of people who enjoy helping people that are willing to help themselves. If you expect any help around here stop asking the questions that have been answered dozens of times. Use the search function and learn how these things are done. If you just can’t find anything or don’t understand then, by all means, ask questions. However, asking questions like this over and over out of laziness will get you ignored very quickly.


Im fed up already. Its the third thread you open asking the same thing and I answered you in another one

And by the way. @jammin wasted his precious time writing up what I had already told you in another thread I’m sure he wrote it out of good will because he didn’t know it had already been answered. And do you know why we both recommended the same thing? Because it has already been recommended a thousand times in this forum. I lost my chill

no worries, I saw his other posts but was hoping that the answer wouldn’t have to be said … again.

Anyway @dg798 what battery are you using? You say you’re using a 10s lipo, I’m assuming that it’s actually two 5s batteries? People on this forum are being short with you for reasons mentioned before, but if you tell us what you’re trying to do (with more detail) then we can do our best to help. PM me or reply to this thread.

Please for the love of God stop making new threads.

I’m using 1 10s battery not 2 5s in series

ah okay, if you have something like this lipo then you’ll have to either install a BMS or buy something like this:

Obviously this is much more expensive than the iMax b6 so that’s why people buy multiple <=6s packs and then charge in parallel.