How to charge your phone off your esk8

no one likes a dead phone, and when you are riding around ontop of a box of juice it makes sense to install a small buck converter to charge your phone/gopro/headlights/other when you need it.


Keep in mind that this might not work with iPhones. I guess they have some type of resistor for verification

I built a USB charger from a cheap 5V BEC, powered by my 12V rail. Worked for everything but iPhones 6 and up. So I had to replace it with a USB charger meant to be installed in a car; read the reviews to find one that works with iPhone

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Where is your 12v rail?

It’s a 12V 3A BEC that accepts full 12S voltage. It powers headlights, tail lights, LED on the push button switch, VESC fan, and USB charger. Basically the 5V charger gets stepped down twice

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is there a retrofit way of using my phone to charge my board when it runs out of juice?

Yeah it could be done, technically, with a step up converter. But it wouldn’t be pretty and it wouldn’t get you very far. Your skate battery is probably 50x the watt-hours of your phone. Don’t be fooled the high mAh number. Your phone operates at 1S voltage

You’d be better off saving your phone battery and calling an Uber…

haha I was being sarcastic. But good response to my question anyways!

Haha, but you never know on this forum if its sarcasm or serious…

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thats what makes it exciting :slight_smile:

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Im not sure if you actually watched the video but im using it to charge an iPhone 6

Couldn’t tell what version it was. The one I built worked with my old iPhone but not the newer ones

If the configuration of my battery is 37V which it is, can I do this or will I cook my phone, usb charger and something else?

Nice video @lowGuido

I have a weird attraction to watching you solder :joy:

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It’s a step-down converter. Imagine you’re on a staircase and at the very top is the highest voltage, the lowest step is the voltage you want to step down to. Any of the steps in between can still step down to the lowest step. So the answer to your question is yes, but you will need a step down converter which can handle that voltage. A 50v maximum would work fine.

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@lox897 you should watch the drift trike video. XT60’s for days.

@Gynpe yeah you can. the buck converter will lower the voltage.

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I want to step down a 10s battery what converter can i use?

The 10s is with a BMS but when i set my BMS off there is a voltage of 3volt. The last time that i used a stepdown converter, it starts smoke when i put the BMS of something with the 3v. I want to go to 12volt

Apple is full of shite with their “think differently” tag line and screwing their customers with crap like this at every turn. Such an evil empire.

I didn’t understand your second paragraph but this one takes up to 60v input

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Sorry English is not my first language :wink: The most step down have a input limit. I had used a step down converter but when i set the BMS off, the converter starts smoking because 3volt was to low as input voltage. Now i search a solution. I hope the picture can help