How to choose lithium battery parameters?

I want to drive a 120w 12v DC motor. The usage time is about 10-20 minutes. How should I choose a reasonable battery? I need to carry the battery as small as possible, so I need to arrange the combination of batteries and the capacity of each block reasonably.

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120 watts wouldnt take much battery. How durable does it need to be? A lipo would do but you’d have to be extra careful not to dent it or leave it in a car on a hot day. The drawback to lipo and li-ion is the shorter cycle life. Expect anywhere from 300 to 600 cycles depending on how hard you push them. And 120 watts really isnt pushing a lipo very hard.

A LiFePO4 pack would last much longer but you wouldnt get 12v from one. With 4 cells your nominal voltage would be 12.6 but fully charged they can go as high as 14.4v.

There are some Rc car lipos that come with a hard shell for a bit of extra protection too.

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