How to connect canbus

Guys Ive just received two Maytech Vesc, I ordered it from Alien power systems. How Do i connect the Canbus? the cable I was sent doesn’t look like the right one??

One end goes into the Vesc but the other end doesn’t seem to plug into anywhere on the second Vesc.

Am I missing something??

It should go into the same plug on the opposing VESC, but it only needs 2 wires. Not sure why your lead has 5.

That is definitely not a cable that will work. Both ends should be the same connector

Edit; That’s not the Can-bus cable anyways. The can-bus connector is the 4-pin connector on the right next to the USB plug.

I think you have the cable for hall sensors in your hand there… canbus only needs the 2 pins like this cable:

Please use the search function next time first:

Yh I just released thanks, I only asked because I emailed the supplier before hand and they told me they would put in a canbus with my order :confused:

Man, I have this Vesc and I think it is for a Uart port or a extension for a Sensored motor

Is that the only person who has the Canbus plug?

Diyelectricskateboard has them

FYI: I was just looking for a Canbus cable. DIYelectric’s shipping was like $10 and Ollin’s shipping was $3 (cables were roughly the same price.

or skip the CAN altogether and just split the remote signal to each of the VESCs:

you can just use 2 wires and solder them to the board.